Dream Makeover Essex

New Cellulite and Body Contouring Combination

Fantastic new combination treatment to help combat cellulite, fat deposits and loose dull skin on the body! The two most effective cellulite treatments are mesotherpay and body roller or skin needling, the course involves a 12 week program and 5 visits over this time.

week 1 – Mesotherapy micro injections of vitamins, fat burning and lymphatic products to the site of fat and lymphatic drainage points, followed by deep body roller to all areas to help the unsightly orange peel effect, tighten up skin and make the skin young, smooth and glowing!

wk 3 – Just mesotherapy

wk 6 – Mesotherapy and body roller

wk 9 – mesotherapy

wk 12- final mesotherapy and body roller

results achieved fully at week 18, lifestyle, diet and exercise all play an important part also!

tip – if you are looking to rid the body of toxins and fat deposits , you cant be continuing a diet and lifestyle that causes the problems, there is no quick fix to weight loss.

no need to use an expensive celluite cream with the course add a few drops of pure orange oil to your favourite cream and massage in upwards circular motions to enhance your cream.