Dream Makeover Essex

Eleasha’s Story

Eleasha Newberry aged 25, Housing Support Worker from Chatham, Kent

Eleasha suffered with mild acne, open pores, disliked frown forehead lines and wanted more lip definition.


Treatments Given

  • Glycolic skin peeling
  • Derma roller treatments
  • Muscle relaxing injections
  • Restylane filler to lips
  • Suisse Absolue Pure skin care line

Eleasha’s Testimonial

“Any woman will understand how problematic skin can get you down and affect your confidence. I suffered with mild acne and as part of my fantastic prize – as one of the winners of Dream Makeover Essex, I got to have treatments with Frances.

The treatments I had with Frances consisted of glycolic skin peels, derma roller treatments, muscle relaxing injections to the forehead/frown area and lip fillers.

The skin peels have without doubt, made my skin spot free and accompanied with derma roller treatment, my skin is a great deal fresher and rejuvenated. I thoroughly enjoyed these and will one hundred percent be returning to Frances for more. Not only has my skin undergone a visible transformation but, this in turn has boosted my confidence and made me feel great.

I have also been using the Suisse Absolue products which, from day one made my skin look and feel cleaner and fresher. I have always believed in taking good care of my skin, these products most definitely do this (the serum pure is now my best friend!). My face is now spot free and this is definitely a result of the treatments combined with using these products.

Furthermore, I have had muscle relaxing injections and lip filler with Frances. I am so impressed with the results of my muscle relaxing injections, I am line free and loving this! As it was my first time having muscle relaxing injections, I was a little apprehensive, mainly of the needle however, this did not hurt at all thanks to the numbing cream which was applied.

My lips are now fuller and many people have made comments since I have had this done about how lovely my lips are. They are now fuller however, they look so natural and I am over the moon with them.

All of the treatments I have had with Frances I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have been fully informed about each treatment and have been completely amazed by the results. I cannot recommend Frances enough for my now perfect skin and I will most definitely be returning for all future treatments and recommending her to all my friends and family.

Thank you Frances xx”