Dream Makeover Essex

Caroline’s Story

Caroline McKenna, aged 44, stay at home mum from Isle of Dogs



Treatments Given :-

  • Course of 6 glycolic peels to smooth skin and reduce redness
  • 4 sessions of Intense Pulsed Light treatments to break down red capillaries and to boost collagen
  • Perlane Restylane filler to nose to mouth lines, chin and lips to hydrate and give a natural youthful look
  • Muscle relaxing injections to frown and crows feet area to soften lines and give a fresher less tired look
  • Suisse Absolue Hydra Plus daily skincare

Caroline’s Testimonial

“I am one of the Dream Makeover Essex winners & part of the prize was to have treatment with Frances Furlong at Perfect Skin.

I was quite anxious at first of having treatment, but Frances always made me feel relaxed during the treatments explaining step by step what she was doing and I was greatly reassured by her ethos of seeking a natural look with non-invasive procedures & treatments.

My friends and family kept saying how well I looked and that I looked fresher and a younger version of myself.

It’s been a wonderful journey and I have received everything I wanted and especially adore how my skin seems to reflect light now rather than absorb it!

I would also like to mention the amazing skin care products, ‘Suisse Absolue’ which I continue to use daily.

It is a question of making the most of what you have and encouraging it along the way.

Thank you so much Frances!  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

I would highly recommend you to anyone!!!”